Wisdom Healing Arts

Wisdom Healing Arts

Kirby offers professional therapeutic bodywork modalities in an office in Charlottesville (and for an additional rate, he does on-call appointments at client's homes - email him if you need a session outside of the office).

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Polyvagal / Somatic Experiencing / Craniosacral Therapy - $100
Craniosacral Therapy developed out of Cranial Osteopathy. It has been shown to bring benefit to many conditions and issues including migraines, headaches, some back issues, pelvic issues like sciatica, sinus problems, bringing balance after surgery or dental procedures and more.

Somatic Experiencing is for clients who have done some personal growth work already. Now they are ready to explore more nuanced healing work, building resilience in their nervous systems and working gradually through old patterns. Can be beneficial for anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, digestive problems and much more.
Hot Stones Treatment - $150
This particular Hot Stones Massage treatment comes from a Shamanic Lineage. It has some similarities to the La Stones treatment, but this version also includes tapping sequences along the energy meridians of the body - clearing various emotional and psycho-spiritual issues. It is very powerful! Full body massage, mainly with stones, some Swedish Massage techniques added in as well.
Swedish Massage - $100
Swedish Massage is a therapeutic treatment mixing deep strokes with lighter work, a one-hour massage typically covers most of the body. If you want to do more deep tissue work and focus more on one or two areas just let Kirby know.
Integrated Somatic Therapy - 90 minutes - $145
A longer session will allow more modalities to be integrated into this therapeutic and relaxing session. Can include Swedish massage, Deep Tissue work, Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Acupressure and some Passive Stretching. You will indicate the concerns you want to work on and we will determine the best treatment plan for you.
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy - $100
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy works with the Health Which is Never Lost. It is very supportive, therapeutic and works with the client's intention. Connect with deep rhythms of healing and clarity.
90 minute Spiritual Astrology interpretation - $175
In a Spiritual Astrology interpretation, we will work with Natal, Relationship Astrology and Health and Wellness aspects in the chart, along with looking at Timing Dynamics.

Brings in elements from Evolutionary, Karmic, and Psychological Astrology. Frequency based, choice-centered interpretations. Trauma-informed, compassionate sessions.
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